PlayStation exceeds Sony’s expectations, laughs in the face of the economy

Well how about that? PS3 and PSP sales are up 30% from what Sony expected them to be at this time of the year, leading the company to feel confident that the GREAT DEPRESSION OF AMERICA won’t damage the company heading into Christmas.

“We are tracking at 100 percent up over last year,” claimed Sony poster boy Jack Tretton. “… About 30 percent ahead of where we should be. So sales could slow down and we will still hit our number.

“I’d say we are able to meet somewhere between 80-90 percent demand, based on how things are trending,” he stated, suggesting that shortages would not be “drastic” ones.

Sony expects the big black box o’ Blu-ray to hit the ten million unit mark, and for the small sleek smudgemagnet to hit 15 million by March 2009. Will those numbers be exceeded too?

Time, like an escaped Austrian daughter, will tell.

James Stephanie Sterling