PlayStation blog clears the air surrounding MGS4, points to Monday surprise

The Destructoid team has been hard at work, keeping Metal Gear fans abreast of any breaking information we can get our hands on, leading up to the June 12th release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get Kojima to spill all of the beans yet, but we believe he will break in time. Glaring robot eyes can be quite menacing.

However, what we can do is  draw your attention to the box above, which represents the first time a PS3 has been packaged in white. Does that matter? Not really, but the PlayStation blog thought it was a semi-big deal, so it was at least worth mentioning from our standpoint.

The blog’s main mission is to clear up any misconceptions that the lovely Internet may have spawned about the game, and to dazzle you with an array of MGS-inspired pics, all of which can viewed below. You’ll notice that Sony has pretty much covered all the bases, and the only thing that’s missing is a photograph of Snake/Raiden Underoos. Laugh if you will, but I bet they’re coming too. Anyway, if you are still quizzical and feel that you just don’t have the total picture ingrained in your psyche by now, stop by the blog and give it a gander. You just might learn something new — like the fact that they we might be in store for a big surprise, come Monday April 14th.

[Thanks, Lemon!]