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PlayStation 5 has sold over 40 million units

The PS5 launched in 2020 with a slew of promises, including faster loading times and a slew of eye-catching games. The system delivers many of those features, though feats such as 8K gaming remain a dream. Nevertheless, the public has clearly warmed to the PS5, and it is already celebrating 40 million units sold globally.

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A new milestone for the PS5

The PS5 initially launched at a bit of a tumultuous time. On one hand, the console may have benefited from COVID-19 quarantining which kept people at home. However, it also had to contend with the global microchip shortage which kept supply of the system well below demand.

Despite the obstacles, Sony has managed to sell over 40 million PS5s globally. To put things into perspective, the PS4 took 30 months to sell 40 million units after it launched in November 2013. The PS5 has achieved the feat in 32 months, which is about the same time.

The console sits ahead of classics such as the Xbox and GameCube, which both sold around 21 million units in their lifetimes. However, it still has a long way to go if it wants to surpass the PS4’s 114 million units sold, the Switch with its incredible 125 million units, or the indomitable PS2 which has sold 159 million units worldwide.

This year, Sony has been keeping the console relevant with new peripheral hardware. The PS VR2 was released in February, and its library features titles like Horizon: Call of the Mountain and Pavlov VR. Sony also plans to release the handheld streaming device codenamed Q, though time will tell how the public receives the curious gadget.

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