Sony announces dedicated PlayStation 5 streaming handheld Project Q

Project Q

We got PlayStation Earbuds too!

Near the end of today’s PlayStation Showcase, we got our first look at Sony’s newest device. While it’s not quite a Steam Deck competitor, it will give you a method to play your PlayStation 5 without getting out of bed.

Project Q is a handheld system dedicated to streaming games from your PlayStation 5. So far, we only have a general overview of the device. It features an 8-inch LCD Screen, and it supports streaming a 1080p image at 60 FPS. Additionally, it matches the feature set of a DualSense Controller, complete with haptic feedback. Considering it looks like a PS5 controller with a screen in the middle, that makes sense!

This device does come with the stipulation that it can only play non-VR games directly installed on the PS5, but none of that should come as a surprise. Funny enough, games streamed via a PlayStation Plus Premium membership won’t receive support on Project Q.

Image via Sony

With this announcement came the reveal of a new set of earbuds with the PlayStation branding. These fortunately work with more devices than your PlayStation 5. We have confirmation that the earbuds will support PC, and they can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. The presentation promised that these will bring “lossless audio with low latency,” so we’ll have to see how each product performs after they make their respective debuts.

Neither device received as much as a release window, aside from the hint to “look out for more details soon.” Given what we know so far, the success of Project Q and the earbuds will largely hinge on whether their prices match their performance. I’m always on the hunt for quality earbuds, so those have most of my attention at the moment. We’ll have to wait and see if any intriguing new details come out in the near future.

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