Play Tetris in real life with this badass wall art

Ever since the Tetris craze in the late ’80s, people all over the world have reported hallucinations of Tetris shapes (called Tetriminos) after playing the game for prolonged periods of time. Now those hallucinations are something you can purchase, and even play with.

Walls360 have teamed up with the Tetris brand to create this removable, Tetris-themed wall art. It’s about as classy as videogame-themed wall art gets, so if you’re looking to give your living space a gaming feel without the use of space marines or baby-esque plumbers, this might be your best bet. The pieces come in a wide range of sizes (and prices), with the biggest set coming in at a whopping $195 bucks. If I were a richer man, I’d be all over that.

I still think finger Tetris is the best non-videogame Tetris, but wall-Tetris may end up coming in a close second.

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