Plant destruction blamed on GTA IV: Game hysteria officially jumps the shark

Okay, that’s it, this bollocks has gone on long enough. With Grand Theft Auto IV, as well as games in general, being blamed for murder, the corruption of our youth and the breakdown of American values, you’d think that anti-game sentiment had reached its ludicrous peak — not so. Now, following a string of wanton plant destruction in a Swedish park, Rockstar can add another indirect crime to its list of supposed evildoings.

“I am very much considering getting surveillance,” says Swedish park supervisor Gert Axelsson. In Lulea, old Gert has to deal with his plants being viciously and brutally attacked by chlorophyll hating vandals and naturally there is only ONE thing to blame. 

Yep, Grand Theft Auto IV, “where you wreak havoc in the city.” Of course, the parallels are distinct and many. After a round of GTA, there’s nothing I like to do more than kick the sh*t out of a mulberry bush and squeeze nectarines to pulp in my almighty hands, before taking my revolver out and blasting a row of sunflowers in the temple, gangland execution style. 

This has gone beyond a bloody joke.

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