Plague Inc: Evolved leaves Early Access soon

Spread disease with a friend

After nearly two years and some 800,000 copies sold, Plague Inc: Evolved is ready for a full release on Windows, Mac, and Linux. That’ll happen next Thursday, February 18.

“By the time we launch, 18 major Evolutions (updates) will have been released, with some of the highlights including competitive & co-operative multiplayer, a custom content creator (with almost 10,000 user-generated scenarios made so far!), three major new disease types, and 20 scenarios,” wrote Ndemic Creations founder James Vaughan.

Co-op sounds intriguing: “players take the role of two different diseases which must work together to infect and destroy the world as a team.” Version 1.0 also packs “multiplayer AI, advanced statistic tracking, a Double Strain cheat, and lots of other important features and optimizations.”

I was one of the millions of people to play the earlier incarnations of Plague Inc and the games that came before it, but I haven’t yet brought about the end of humanity in Evolved. One day.

Plague Inc: Evolved launch date announced – 18th February [Steam]

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