‘Pirating’ NXE sounds like a great way to get banned from Xbox LIVE

Didn’t make it into Microsoft’s New Xbox Experience preview program and can’t seem to hold your horses until the November 19 launch? Here’s a bad idea — pirate it!

Yup, the install files for the New Xbox Experience have made their way to the Internet, and it certainly works to update your console. But as Platform Nation (who went ahead updated their system with these files) puts it, “You can not connect online with it till November 19th.” Well, here’s a little surprise: you might not be able to connect again. Ever. Period. 

Earlier today, press participating in the New Xbox Experience program (myself included) were warned to not switch the hard drives from our updated consoles to another unit. Microsoft later clarified to us by saying, “This is a security measure and if you do switch hard drives from a console with NXE preview access to one without it you could be placed on the ban list for unauthorized usage.”

So while it might be tempting, just hold your horses; it’s not worth it. You do want to playing Gears of War 2 online next week, right? To hold you over, check out our early impressions from our experience with NXE.

Nick Chester