Pirates of the Burning Sea shut down over half their servers, scurvy imminent

While hardly fitting of the conquering spirit of piracy, it seems that Sony Online’s recent MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea is already suffering some setbacks, having recently announced on their official website that seven of the eleven servers are being shut down due to low population. Another snippet from the site read:

“Through feedback from our players and evaluation of our server populations, it has become clear that key game features require populations of higher density in order to function at optimum levels.”

Good synonyms were busy at work there, but the facts are pretty transparent: the game is not doing as well as Flying Labs Software would have hoped. I’d like to hope that things will improve for them, as I rather enjoyed the marketing campaign that led up to its release, but this does not bode well for the future, especially considering the game just launched in January. I haven’t played it, but MMO’s don’t really make much of an impact on me these days, which may speak for itself as to the game’s dismal reception. Do you still care about MMOs, or would you rather save your monthly fees for hookers and cheeseburgers?

[Via Next-Gen.Biz – Thanks, Gynecologist Cobra!]

Colette Bennett