Pinball slasher Creature in the Well coming to PS4 on March 31

Physical release planned for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Creature in the Well, the Breakout-with-swords action game from Flight School Studio, is rounding out its release list with one more port. The PlayStation 4 version launches on March 31, 2020.

If you’re someone with a penchant for video games inspired by pinball, it’s worth a look.

We liked this game! CJ gave the Switch edition an eight out of ten. While he saw some room for improvement – issues with difficulty pacing and repetition stood out – CJ got a kick out of the world.

“Its prodigious art direction is enticing, wooing players into a unique puzzle game that very much feels like a history lesson on the medium itself. It combines ideas and concepts found throughout gaming into a single, dynamic experience with a memorable antagonist eerily watching your every move.”

Apart from the incoming PS4 release, Creature in the Well is also available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One (those versions launched last September). It costs $14.99 on all platforms.

Flight Studio is also coming out with a digital art book and soundtrack on Steam (check back on March 31), and iam8bit is putting together physical copies of Creature in the Well on Switch and PS4. “More details will be unveiled in the coming weeks,” but you can expect art cards and fancier box art.

For a peek at the behind-the-scenes artwork, hit up our gallery.

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