Pillowfight Girls bringing sexy misogyny to iPhone

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to introduce you to the iPhone game that will single-handedly push the female rights movement back sixty years. To give you an idea of just how classy this new game from I-Play is, the tag line happens to be, “Let’s get ready to fumble.” Yes, we are dealing with an altogether higher breed of virtual entertainment with this one.

It’s called Pillowfight Girls and, while we’ve not been told exactly how it plays, we can posit a fairly confident guess. Basically, women with big tits and very little clothing will hit each other for the perverse amusement of desperate young men. Basically, it’s the kind of game that Destructoid readers would absolutely love. 

Massive jugs and rampant chauvinism. That’s what the iPhone was made for, folks!

Pillowfight Girls heading to iPhone [Pocket Gamer]

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