Pikmin 4 allows you to create your own custom explorer

Pikmin 4 Character Creator

The last resort

Nintendo has revealed that the star of Pikmin 4 will be you! Or whatever uni-browed monstrosity you can put together in the character creator.

Previous games in the Pikmin series have had you play as one or more pre-defined explorers. It started with Olimar, before reaching its peak with Pikmin 3’s Brittany (and some other people). However, I often say that a character creator always makes a game better. I am jazzed so hard to see one make its way into Pikmin 4.

The trailer Nintendo released with the announcement also shows off a bit of the story. It seems Captain Olimar has once again crashed on planet PNF-404. A rescue expedition flies off to retrieve them, and they also crash. So, they send the newest recruit to the rescue corps to rescue the rescuers, and that’s you!

I find that hilarious because the trailer makes it appear like you don’t have much of a ship with you. It very much makes it appear that your character is the bottom of the barrel. You’re not some hotshot. You’re just the only one who hasn’t crashed (yet).

Pikmin 4 is my most anticipated game of the year, mostly because we’ve been teased about it so much. Nintendo announced the game back when the Wii U was still a thing. However, I’m excited about the direction that we’ve seen so far. I’m a little concerned that the dungeon caves of Pikmin 2 might return, but we’ll see. I’m as optimistic as my brain allows me.

Pikmin 4 launches on Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2023.

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