Phantom Hellcat is a NieR-inspired action game involving a cursed theater

Phantom Hellcat

From the newly-created Ironbird Studios

Today during the Gamescom Opening Night Live ceremony, Polish publisher All in Games (who you might recognize as a publisher for Ghostrunner) announced a new internal development studio: Ironbird Creations. Curiously, it was created with the intention of “creating high-quality new action IPs,” and there’s one coming our way already in Phantom Hellcat.

Described as being “inspired by the NieR series,” this action romp stars Jolene, a woman who breaks the seal of a cursed theater, then is tasked with saving it. Environmental mechanics are seemingly a bit part of the game, as you can destroy walls or slam people into the band pit. Jolene will also power up via theatrical masks, and there’s going to be a mix of 3D and 2D perspectives to shift up the mechanics a bit.

Phantom Hellcat‘s setting is probably the most intriguing bit. A castle filled with vampires, and “plays inspired by pop culture” sound really promising, especially in a Suda 51 type of way. While action games need a lot of love and care to really sing, I have my eye on this one. No date was given, but you can wishlist it on Steam, and it’s also set for release on PS4/PS5, and Xbox One/Xbox Series X platforms.

Chris Carter
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