Someone made a helpful interactive map for Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

PSO 2 New Genesis Map

Go do your urgent quests on your schedule

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is a fun little free romp, but there are some rough edges to be sure. Things like material spawning aren’t precise, as the game doesn’t really do a good job of telling you when said materials will be back, or where they might be located. It’s also annoying to log in for a session and not get any urgent quest notifications (the current core endgame). Community member kosnag thankfully answered the call, crafting this online, interactive map to help players along.

The map pretty much does it all, providing locations of containers (most notably red ones, which are static and have the best rewards), cocoons, towers, Ryuker Devices (fast travel spots), minerals, and urgent quests. Yep, it’s super helpful!

Make sure you use it to get all of the cocoon, Ryuker, and tower locations first, which should serve as a fast travel staging opportunity for you to get everything else. Plus, maxing out your skill points should help you raise your battle power. From there you can fly around the map at will and get the minerals you need. Then go get the region MAG locations so they always show up on your personal map.

The really cool thing about this map long-term is that you can use it for spying urgent quests away from the game. When you see one, click on it, check the required battle power, and then rush to your controller to join! It’s also useful to see where the urgent quests even are, so you can leave the game close to one and instantly run to it.

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