Phallic-headed wonders: New screens for Aliens: Colonial Marines look sexy

CVG have some new (REAL) screens of Sega’s tactical xenomorph shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines. While the first proposed “scans” were most likely fake, these new ones are the real deal and look hotter than the mother of all MILFs, the Alien Queen herself.

The xenomorphs, arguably the stars of the show, look gorgeous, with just the right level of detail and shiny sleekness to bring Giger’s nightmarish phallic creations to life. The environments also promise a moody and, dare I say it, scary atmosphere. If this game can create a sense of dread as you pick your way through a dank nest of facehugger eggs, then I am absolutely sold.

It seems that Aliens: Colonial Marines is off to a good start, with a truly menacing representation of the alien creatures and an atmospheric look that should provide players with a heavy dose of the creeps. We won’t know for sure until we can get our hands on it though, so if anyone at Sega is reading this — DO WANT GIMME NAOW!!!

Jim Sterling