Pew-Pew-PSP collection of Star Soldier games might be on the way

Hudson’s Star Soldier isn’t nearly as popular as other shump series are. Some of the subsequent Soldier games, mostly TurboGrafx-16 titles, never made their way outside of Japan. But now there may be a collection coming to the PSP.

If a listing by Japanese Web store Rakuten is right, a four-game collection will hit Japanese shelves on September 25. What’s in it?  Super Soldier, Final Soldier, Soldier Blade, and Star Parodier, all for the lovely price of 2,940 yen ($28). Star Solider made it onto the PSP a few years back, but seeing all of these in one collection would be great. 

Of course, this isn’t confirmed. But Siliconera thinks it’s a pretty solid bet, as Rakuten is known for being a “leaky faucet.”

I could use more shooters for my PSP. What about you?

Dale North