Peter Moore fired up about EA Sports, focuses on branding and taking kids’ money

When the outspoken Peter Moore made the jump to Electronic Arts, we knew it was only a matter of time before he started thumping his chest and turning heads. In an interview with Seth Schiesel from the NY Times, Moore is very clear on his vision for the future of EA Sports.

“There is a great opportunity to take EA Sports and turn it into a general sports brand that can compete not only with Take-Two and Konami and the other usual suspects in the videogame world…[but also] to look at ourselves in a different way and compete with the likes of Nike and ESPN to win the hearts and minds of a very desirable demographic group, which is the 14-to-34-year-old male worldwide” Moore told NY Times’ Seth Schiesel.

Those are some fighting words, to be sure, and he might be on to something. Moore is thinking about a global EA Sports-branded social networking site, where enthusiasts can come to find more extensive content than those found on Yahoo! or ESPN online. That may start sooner rather than later, as Moore is also reported to soon be announcing EA Sports GameShow, an online, ad-supported multiplayer trivia game that’s slated to hit PCs this fall.

And don’t waste Moore’s time with petty and average business moves. 

“It may sound like heresy,” he says, “but I’m not here to sell more Maddens and more FIFAs. Protecting our base is very important, but I didn’t come here to just maintain the status quo and build the business five to seven percent a year.”

[Via Next Generation]

Nick Chester