Persona is invading Phantasy Star Online 2

Persona 3-5 represent

As someone who got into the Persona series with the original game, it’s wild to see the landscape completely dominated by Persona 3-5 and nothing else.

I mean, it makes sense! The re-releases of those titles were very popular and are available on more modern systems. But there is a world where Maki Sonomura and Eikichi Mishina are just as popular as say, Chie Satonaka. But that day hasn’t come yet.

For now, you will bask in the glory of Persona 3-5 and you will like it. Sega thinks you’ll like it too, as they’ve tapped their own Atlus-based property to headline a new event in Phantasy Star Online 2 called “Persona Paradox.” In short, like a lot of the other events before it, it’s cosmetic in nature. You’ll earn outfits, music and “more extras” (like emotes or dances) across the three games through AC Scratch Tickets: which you can view in the video below.

It’s pretty comprehensive with a ton of characters joining the fray, as well as Jack Frost himself and Morgana. The event is live today and will run through September 9 at 2AM ET. You can find the full list of cosmetics here.

Persona Paradox [Phantasy Star Online 2]

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