This Persona 5 make-up set is going to turn me into Shadow Sae, right?

persona 5 make-up set game beauty

Gorgeous hair and anime waistline not included

If there’s one thing can agree on about Persona 5‘s cast of characters: They’re a good-looking bunch. of hipsters. And now, you too can adapt the visual style of your favorite heart-stealer or confidant, thanks to this mega make-up kit, now available to order from the face-plasterers at Game Beauty.

The Persona 5 x Game Beauty collection features a wide variety of lipsticks, shadows, pencils, blushers, and eyeliners, with colours and shades stylized after those lovable roustabouts, The Phantom Thieves. There are various items and sets available to order, ranging from bundles of character blushes to a $196 dollar Limited Edition set, which includes a variety of items from the new line in a slick collector’s box.

Each item is based on a different element of Persona 5. We have a palette for the thieves themselves, eyeshadow for the palaces, and lipstick and further shadows repping the individual personas.

All items ship globally (excluding Japan) and all products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The set appears to have a vivid and delightful color palette, and is sure to get you looking pretty anime for the coming Holidays. Speaking of which, the makeup would also make a fine gift for the many beautiful Persona fans in your life. I’m hoping that just a few swabs of shadow and a dab of eyeliner will instantly turn me into Sae Niijima. This might be wishful thinking for The Industry’s Chris Moyse, but we all gotta dream…

The Persona x Game Beauty collection is available now from the Game Beauty website.

Chris Moyse
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