Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 going ‘best’ in Japan

“Best?” Hell yeah! I always feel kind of proud when one of my favorite games gets bumped into the Best or Greatest Hits bracket. According to retail leaks, it sounds like two of my favorite titles are going to be pushed up into Japan’s PlayStation2 the Best collection.

Both Game Star and Amazon say that Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 will join the ranks of the Best on August 5th with a retail price of 2,940 yen.

In related news, other Atlus Best games are getting reprints in Japan. Both Shin Megami Tensei: Persona and Growlanser will hit shelves in Japan on June 3rd. Etrian Odyssey and its sequel will follow on July 15th.

Too bad these aren’t bound for the US market. Too bad there’s no real life Junes megastore.

Persona 3 FES And Persona 4 Join Sony’s Best [Siliconera]

Dale North