PC version of FIFA 11 to finally have current-gen engine

For years, if you were playing EA Sports’ FIFA franchise on the PC, it was a gimped version of the game. The console versions (i.e., 360 and PS3) were getting all of the additions and improvements to the series’ gameplay and graphics, whereas the PC version continued to play and look like something out of 2006. (See here for a comparison of visuals between the PC and console versions of FIFA 10.)

EA is finally doing right by its PC players, as the PC version of FIFA 11 will at last have the same engine as its PS3/360 counterpart. EA has been working on the PC engine for two years, and it’s finally set to bring “next generation console-quality gameplay, game modes and visuals” to PC gamers. This includes the physics interactions that allow for individual control and movement of each of the players on the pitch, as well as the franchise’s 360° dribbling. It remains to be seen if FIFA 11 on the PC will feature all the improvements of its console brethren, such as the all-new Personality+ system.

I’m sure many PC players of FIFA are shouting “it’s about damn time!” at their computers right now, and I agree. Here’s hoping that EA Canada keeps the PC version current with the console versions from this point forward. FIFA 11 will launch for the PS3, 360, Wii, PC, PSP, PS2, DS, and mobile platforms on September 28th in North America, and October 1st in Europe and Asia. Check out the first glorious screenshot of the PC version in the gallery below.

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