Payday 2 welcomes Jacket from Hotline Miami to the crew

This can only end well

You might not know this, but murderers love cross-brand synergy. That’s why hot on the heels of some John Wick co-marketing, Payday 2 is getting a rash of neon-soaked DLC to celebrate the release of Hotline Miami 2. Remorseless spree killers have to stick together after all.

With the purchase of Hotline Miami 2 on Steam, Payday 2 players will gain access to a dufflebag’s worth of new Hotline-inspired masks. Spendy criminals who purchase HM 2‘s Special Edition however will be getting a little more, unlocking the Jacket character pack.

He comes with his own weapons (a gussied-up Mac-10 and blood-speckled hammer), a new “Sociopath” perk deck, can only communicate with snippets of conversation played back on a cassette tape recorder, and totally won’t look out of place next to three other guys wearing identical suits. The full list of unlocks can be found here.

The only thing I want to know is if we can replace the regular tape recorder with a Home Alone 2-style Talkboy. In fact, now that I think about it, Kevin McCallister does tick off a distressing number of sociopathic personality traits. He probably wouldn’t mind jumping aboard the co-marketing gravy train with the rest of these lunatics.

In a surprisingly consumer-friendly move, Australian heisters who won’t be able to legally partake in this crazy cross-promotion killing spree (because HM 2 is banned there due to REASONS) will be able to get the DLC for free by hitting up Overkill’s support with proof of their Australian citizenship. Daww, behind all the hostage taking and gangland executions, they really do care!

Nic Rowen