PAX schedule is up and Destructoid is on it

The 2008 Penny Arcade Expo is still a couple of weeks away, but it seems that this event is all anyone can talk about here lately. And who can blame them? It’s going to be an exciting event, packed with nerdity, Ghostbusters, new videogames, great music, and absolutely no Fatal1ty. Over 45,000 gamers are expected to attend; we sure hope you’re one of them.

While you’re waiting, twitching in excitement, why don’t you have a peek at the official PAX schedule for this year (PDF file)? Take a look at Saturday’s page and you’ll notice the entry “Make the World Notice Your Gaming Blog” at 4:00 p.m. in the Walrus Theater. This is Destructoid’s panel, so you’ll want to clear your schedule for that. Join us and hear about Destructoid’s inner workings. All I can say now is to prepare for epic PowerPoint.

But it’s not all us. Wouldn’t that be nice, though? Be sure to check out the other varied hotness, like Sunday’s “The Power of Gaming Communities,” Saturday’s Mega64 panel, or Friday’s Musical Guests panel. And speaking of musical guests, please come to the Friday night concert at 9:00 p.m., which will feature Freezepop, Jonathan Coulton, and my favorite, The OneUps. Seriously, come heckle me on stage. I’m not playing much, but I’ll do my best to be sober this year for my parts.

Are you excited already? Are you already booked? Are you sleeping on someone’s floor?

Dale North