PAX East community meetup plans for Sunday!

here’s one day of PAX East goodness left! Capcom’s Seth Killian made a surprise visit with Super Street Fighter IV, Dtoid New York rocked it at the karaoke bar, Two Worlds II actually looks pretty good and the SFX 360 Gamers Gone Wild party rocked.

Sunday is the last day for PAX East and our last community meetup. A lot of people are taking off today but the remainder of us left in Boston will be meeting up at Jillian’s Boston at around 8:00PM. We’ll then be heading back to Uno at around 10:00PM.

Remember to follow @CTZ, @SamitSarkar, community member @powerglove and @DtoidPAX2010 to be kept in the loop of all the going ons during PAX East! 

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