PAX East 10: Crackdown 2, mutants, and flying squirrels

Whoever was responsible for capturing the above image from Crackdown 2 deserves the rest of the day off. It really captures the joy of being a badass super agent who can miraculously glide through the air like few pictures before it.

I’m still not one-hundred percent sold on the concept of mutants in Pacific City, but I suppose I’d rather Ruffian Games change the formula up a bit than retell the same story. Was there even a story in Crackdown? By the end of it, I was half expecting Dr. Wily to pop out.

Oh, and there’s also footage of the new Rocket Tag multiplayer mode. As expected, it is absolute mayhem. I was so in love with the aforementioned image, I had no choice but to put the video after the break. Sorry!

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