PAX 2007: On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness coming to XBLA

I was only about half conscious when they announced this earlier today, but the Penny Arcade guys have decided to bring their upcoming game to the Xbox Live Arcade early next year. To recap, that brings the total number of platforms for the Cthulhu-punk-cartoon-beat-em-up-role-player to a grand total of four platforms: XBL, PC, Mac OS X and Linux.

They have yet to announce any pricing details or exactly how they’re going to put a game this large on a system known for its size limitations, but we assume they have some idea. Then again, based on the reception they were given at their keynote, they could tell us all that penguins will sneak into our homes at night, deliver the games inside of delicious eggs, and steal our hair as payment and the kids would wet themselves with glee. Seriously, it’s almost a shame that these guys have significant others, as they could be pulling tail on a David Lee Roth-ian scale.

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