PAX 08: Rock Band 2 lead designer challenges us to an arm wrestling match

More specifically, Harmonix’s Dan Teasdale has challenged me to an arm wrestling match, directly following their “History of Harmonix: THE ROCKENING” panel at the Penny Arcade Expo this Saturday. 

From his blog on

I challenge Kotaku’s Mike Fahey, Wired’s Chris Kohler, and Destructoid’s Nick Chester to an arm wrestle. Mike is allowed to substitute for Cresente if he can’t make it, but in that case I’m allowed to take my elbow off the table and Brian isn’t – Crescente looks like he works out, so I need any advantage I can get.

Oh, it’s so on, Dan. But come on — couldn’t you have challenged me personally? Why did I have to find out about it via Kotaku? That’s low. Consider your arm broken, Teasdale. Consider it broken. 

Dan also issues challenges to other developers, including the teams behind Guitar Hero World Tour and Singstar; he’s feareless, but maybe has bitten off more than he can chew. I hear Cliff Bleszinski can lift cars. He also rambles on and on about features of some game called Rock Band 2, which I heard is like, totally lousy. 

Now excuse me, I have little girls to push around and weights to lift.

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