PAX 08: Jerry and Mike class up their hustle

If you did not attend PAX or the opening keynote last year, you may have heard word of how Penny Arcade rock stars Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik came out on stage — to the tune of a little song you might know about getting your hustle on. It was the ideal way to work up the crowd (at least, until they rolled Uwe Boll himself out on stage, which worked everyone up in an entirely different type of way).

This year, I was smart enough to bring a camera to record the epic moment. I was slightly surprised to hear the same song being used, but delighted to see a small orchestra had been added for additional oomph. It’s never less than thrilling to see these guys come out on stage, and I thought you guys might enjoy the sight of it. Wish I could stay and tell you more, but I have to go downstairs and double fist imported beers with a hundred Dtiod community members. The blogging life ain’t easy.


Colette Bennett