Parents more worried about GTA than alcohol or pornography: Priorities!

Proving that parents truly do have their priorities sorted out, a recent survey has shown that child spawners are more concerned about Grand Theft Auto than alcohol or pornography. It seems that, when given a single choice of what they’d least like their children to experience at a sleepover, GTA took precedence over porn and booze.

Marijuana topped the poll, conducted by What They Play, with 49% of parents choosing it as their object of fear. 19% picked videogames, while 16% answered with pornography, and a mere 14% went with one that can cause family-destroying chemical dependency, liver damage and arguably more deaths than pot, porn and videogames combined.

I am convinced that a vast majority of human beings have not been able to evolve in step with our development as an overall species. While technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, most of us seem still to be mentally identical to medieval peasants. As sad as it is to say, many of us are frightened and confused individuals, clearly unequipped to handle the rate of evolution that we’ve set for ourselves. 

It may sound overly pessimistic, but this is a story where parents have admitted to being more frightened of a game than a mentally uninhibiting toxin. I don’t think things could get more depressing than that.

James Stephanie Sterling