PaRappa the Rapper Remastered will use the DualShock 4 as a metronome

Other than that, and the remastered audio and visuals, it’s basically the same

In case you forgot, Sony is remastering PaRappa the Rapper for the PS4, and it’s out soon-ish! They just confirmed an April 20 release date for the project, which will be priced at 1,800 yen (roughly $20), and will come with six PSN avatars for “early purchases.”

New features include trophy support, 4K/1080p visuals, and a remastered uncompressed CD quality OST. The only gameplay changes are a metronome-like mechanic for DualShock 4 controllers, and enlarged icons.

Although I think a fully remastered collection of all the PaRappa and UmJammer games would have been preferable, the first entry is still an easy, obvious choice as they don’t have to change much — it’s still a classic that I replay every year.

PaRappa [Sony via Gematsu]

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