Paranormal Activity 4 is better with Kinect

Terror! Fear! Product placement!

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Paranormal Activity 4 is out in theaters next month, featuring yet another spooky tale of people who happen to carry video cameras around their house every single minute of the day. The fourth installment will likely be the most ludicrous yet, not least for the fact that it features some prominent Kinect product placement. 

Microsoft’s little black bar of pointlessness is showcased in the film before predictably being used to contrive a jump scare. You can see it in the trailer above, as the scary ghost thing makes the Kinect’s tracking dots go all weird. 

I actually have a fondness for the Paranormal Activity films, though this one is likely going to be one too many. In any case, it’s done one amazing thing already — it’s found a use for the Kinect. It’s a fantasy, make-believe use … but it is a use.

Now that’s what I call paranormal!

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