Pandora would like Pandora on Xbox 360, so would we

Microsoft partnering with to bring streaming radio services to Xbox 360 was an exciting E3 announcement, even though it wasn’t really game-related. Well, for me at least. Why? Because I like music about as much as I like games. 

But I’ll admit, I’ve slept on the for the past seven years. While friends have spent years providing the service with information about its listening habits ( will then generate streaming radio playlists based on this), I just recently caught on. Me, I’ve preferred the excellent online radio service Pandora; can we get some of that on Xbox LIVE? Joystiq caught up with Pandora’s Senior Vice President of Business Development to ask. 

“We’d love to include game consoles like the Xbox 360 as part of this story at Pandora,” she said, going on to say that it’s technically possible. 

It should be noted that Pandora is only available in the United States; is available globally. That may explain Microsoft’s decision to partner with, and may be the reason we’ll never seen Pandora on the Xbox 360. 

While I care, you might not. So… do you? 

Nick Chester