Chillet Ignis in Palworld
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Palworld showcases a new Pal in latest Paldeck video ahead of Sakurajima update

A Chillet for all occasions

We’ve become very accustomed to seeing new Paldeck videos released by Palworld every weekend, but the one released on June 15 is slightly different. Rather than showcasing a Pal we’ve come to know, they showed off a Pal that we’ve yet to meet — Chillet Ignis. 

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Chillet has become a huge fan favorite among players. The original Ice type Pal is a fluffy looking Dragon capable of inflicting huge damage, all while looking cute, and the Ignis variant is no different. 

Chillet Ignis looks like someone took the original Chillet and turned up the color temperature, which is apt, because as a Fire type this Pal is likely to bring the heat. Apparently, Chillet Ignis is capable of spinning so fast it will emit sparks, so it might be best to give this one a wide berth until it warms up to you. Pun intended. 

The Alpha Chillet Ignis shown in the Paldeck video is a level 52, which is an exciting reminder that more levels are coming when the Sakurajima update arrives on June 27. This is excellent news to anyone like myself, who has taken a break through a lack of levels to climb or new content to experience. 

We’re usually given two Paldeck videos each weekend, so the next should release tomorrow. The sneak peak at the end of the Chillet Ignis video shows another much loved Pal, despite the fact that it’s not even in the game yet — Croajiro, the small frog armed with a stick. 

Croajiro in Palworld
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