Pachter: Beachhead will charge for Call of Duty online

Michael “Toilet Ghost” Pachter has once again brought up the subject of Call of Duty multiplayer fees, declaring that the newly announced Project Beachhead will “absolutely” charge for online experiences. This man is obsessed with the concept.

“Project Beachhead absolutely is charging for multiplayer,” said the analyst. “I’m certain to my core.

“Activision said they are working on ‘value added, premium content that is exclusive. How do you exclude people unless you do it on the basis of whether they pay or not? What, are you going to have a bouncer in front of the club where you play the content? The only way it’s exclusive is if it excludes non-paying members.”

Pachter also shared his vision of how this would go down: “The exclusive content could be pay as you go, or monthly. Let’s say Project Beachhead comes up with Call of Duty Universe, and it launches with Modern Warfare 3 and they say ‘if you join here’s all the exclusive content and exclusive weapons and we’ll charge you a dollar a piece.’ Or If they say, ‘for $5 a month you get unlimited weapons and all the map packs we bring out for Modern Warfare in perpetuity,’ a lot of people will say, ‘I’m going to buy three map packs for 15 dollars anyway, so for $60 a year, I’m getting all the unlimited weapons and achievements,’ so they could do that. I don’t know if that’s what they’re going to choose to do. I’d say $5 a month is reasonable, though.”

At this rate, I almost want Activision to start charging for Call of Duty just so Michael Pachter can finally get some peace of mind that he was, after several years, finally right about it. 

[Via G4TV]

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