Overwatch’s Roadhog barrels his way into Street Fighter V thanks to a mod

No game is safe from the one-man apocalypse

Remember that amazing Tracer mod for Cammy last week? Well, modder TheJamk is back at it already, this time perfectly welding Roadhog into the SFV roster. As a custom skin for Birdie, Roadhog works almost a little too well. As two big guys with chains that like to snag their opponents and refresh themselves in the middle of combat, Roadhog would probably play exactly like Birdie does if they ever made an Overwatch fighting game. 

The video above also features a guest appearance by D.Va, filling in for Karin made by modder Ozci. No mech of course (maybe if Hugo ever joins the SFV cast an ambitious modder can try and make it work).

Nic Rowen