Overwatch’s Orisa will take ‘slightly longer’ to hit consoles than prior heroes

‘We’re still fixing bugs and evaluating feedback and stats’

It didn’t take long at all for Blizzard to reveal Orisa, the latest Overwatch hero, but remaining patient for her to trot into the live game hasn’t been quite so easy. While curious PC players have had time to experiment with the barrier-slinging quadruped tank on the PTR, console players have been stuck with the existing 23 characters and a frighteningly capable Bastion. It’ll be a while longer yet.

Addressing an impatient forum-goer, game director Jeff Kaplan posted that “We’re getting great feedback and fixing a lot of issues. I know this feels a little longer than other PTR periods, but we think it will be for the better. We know how anxious you all are to have Orisa join your ranks… and she will soon… but most likely she will go live later in the month rather than this early.”

On the Overwatch Twitter feed, Blizzard expressed a similar sentiment: “Orisa will have a slightly longer incubation time on the PTR compared to previous heroes.” Set you expectations accordingly!

While we wait, I’ll continue stockpiling gold for Orisa’s beetle-inspired skins.

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