Overwatch’s next event is Lunar New Year 2019 and it starts on Thursday

The Year of the Pig runs from Jan. 24 – Feb. 18

Winter Wonderland is nothing more than a distant memory, and that can only mean one thing for Overwatch players: it’s almost time for the Lunar New Year 2019 event. If your bank account feels decidedly light on credits this time of year, I’m right there with you. Impulse purchases got me again.

The next Overwatch event, a celebration of the Year of the Pig, will kick off in-game on January 24, 2019. As someone who splits their tank time 50/50 between Orisa and Roadhog, I’ll need to be in top form. Miss one obvious hook and suddenly you’ve got five teammates staring daggers.

The expectation for Lunar New Year 2019 is skins, skins, and more skins, with a shiny new Overwatch map hopefully on the horizon. Anything beyond cosmetics and balance changes will be a nice surprise.

[Update: So far, Blizzard has revealed Lunar New Year looks for long-timers like Reaper, Hanzo, Reinhardt, Torbjörn, Tracer, and my boy Zenyatta. Beards are so in for 2019, apparently!]

Last year’s event gave us skins like Baihu Genji, Black Lily Widowmaker, Qinglong Pharah, and Zhuque Mercy, so if you liked any of those looks, you’ll have a chance to pick them up at cheaper prices this time around. I’ve had my eye on Xuanwu Zarya since her debut. That’s all I want right now. The Year of the Dog also included a rework of capture the flag along with a new CTF and Arena map, Ayutthaya.

I do hope Overwatch newcomer Ashe gets a skin. Her wardrobe is pretty limited at the moment.

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