Overwatch’s LEGO Bastion comes with a little bird and everything

Available online from Blizzard

If I could send my younger self Christmas stocking stuffers through some sort of holiday-based wormhole, this new LEGO Omnic Bastion would be one of my first time-traveling gifts. The kit is available for $25 online through the Blizzard Gear Store and it will also be at BlizzCon next month.

The 182-piece set stands just under five inches tall. My favorite detail is that they included Bastion’s feathered friend, Ganymede. (If you weren’t aware, Overwatch has bird lore, because of course it does.)

Aside from Bastion, Blizzard has plans for minifigs based on the game’s heroes and “a full collection of LEGO Overwatch building sets.” I’d like to see a LEGO payload that we can all promptly ignore.

LEGO Overwatch Omnic Bastion [Blizzard]

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