Overwatch’s D.Va headlines BlizzCon 2016’s in-game goodies for StarCraft

Nuke’s ready! Nerf this!

StarCraft players who attend this year’s BlizzCon are going to get a healthy dash of Overwatch added to their favorite real-time strategy game. D.Va is the main draw for a different title’s in-game goodies.

Blizzard revealed that D.Va will be added to StarCraft II as an announcer for all BlizzCon attendees. She has 12 lines of dialogue (all of which can be heard here). This will eventually be sold separately to everyone who wants it. However, admission also come with a D.Va portrait, and that’s staying exclusive to Blizzcon ticket-holders.

This is the last of BlizzCon 2016’s in-game goodies to be revealed. The rest are outlined on the event’s site, but some notable items are Legionnaire Murky and Knight-Captain Murky in World of Warcraft, a 20th anniversary pet in Diablo III, and a BlizzCon Bastion skin in Overwatch.

Of course, not everyone who is entitled to in-game goodies redeems their in-game goodies. There’s a huge second-hand market for these codes, often lasting years after that particular BlizzCon. For instance, tokens for 2015’s World of Warcraft pet routinely sell for more than $200 according to this listing. Auctions for all of last year’s items also have extremely inflated prices. Some players will be thrilled to add D.Va to StarCraft‘s lineup; others will just look to make a nice profit off of her.

BlizzCon In-Game Goodies: D.Va Announcer and Portrait! [Battle.net]

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