Overwatch adds a new control map and lets you see allies through walls

Takin’ it to the streets of Busan

For me, there’s just no beating New Map Day in Overwatch. New heroes are nice and all, but it rapidly becomes a race to pick the fresh face first in Quick Play or an all-out mess of duplicate characters in Arcade (which admittedly has its own charms). With a new map, everyone can join in the fun.

After testing Busan, Blizzard has now set the control map free. It’s live today in all versions.

Busan is made up of three locations: a tranquil temple area called Sanctuary, a slice of Downtown complete with a karaoke bar, and South Korea’s MEKA Base as seen in the D.Va animated short.

For once, I feel comfortable with all of the current maps, so it’ll nice to have a change of pace.

Before you rush off though, there’s one other point to mention from today’s patch: Blizzard added character outlines so you can see your allies through walls. It’s been a long time coming.

Jordan Devore
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