Blizzard will share what’s next for Overwatch 2 at a June 16 event

Overwatch 2 beta event

The first PvP beta is done and dusted

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The first Overwatch 2 PvP beta is over, and while it didn’t leave much of an impression on some of us, there’s still hope that the next phase will be a more concrete step up — and ideally, Blizzard will be able to include console players next time, too. For now, the team is taking a (relative) step back and planning to return in one month with big news on June 16.

As shared in a blog post, Blizzard wants players to “save the date” for an Overwatch 2 event on June 16 that will include “more information on how to gain access to the next phase of Overwatch 2 testing.” Expect to hear the “plan for the months ahead.”

An announcement of an announcement

“Yes, this is admittedly an announcement of an announcement, but we want to continue communicating with players about what’s coming soon and also wanted to clearly set a timeline,” said Overwatch Commercial Leader Jon Spector.

In a follow-up tweet, Spector said that there will be public-facing communication in the interim, “but the event is where we’ll have more significant [Overwatch 2] news to cover.”

“So while we do want players to continue to hear from us (as you’ve hopefully seen us doing for the last several months), for the next few weeks, we will be somewhat quieter on OW2 communication.” June is once again going to be a busy month for gaming news.

The weekly updates have been informative, but there’s a surprisingly long road ahead for this sequel — at least, that’s how it all feels as a player. And that’s just getting into the PvP side of Overwatch 2; the expanded PvE focus is a whole different can of worms.

Overwatch 2 beta character roles
Plenty of damage heroes to pick from in the Overwatch 2 PvP beta.

More support heroes asap, please

On my end, I’m holding out for more support enhancements — Zenyatta gained a powerful kick in the Overwatch 2 beta, as one example — and also more support heroes, period. The character list is currently out of whack when you’re thinking through Tank, Damage, and Support roles needed for the game’s new 5v5 format. Even as someone who’s decently comfortable with all seven existing support characters (Baptiste is iffy for me), there aren’t enough options to accommodate Overwatch 2‘s team compositions.

Basically, growing pains. A lot of them. More than I would’ve expected after all this time. My curiosity is hanging on, though — enough to wonder what we’ll see at this Overwatch 2 event. Enough to at least dip into the (much-needed) second beta test, whenever that might surface. Hopefully it makes a bigger splash and that “2” becomes more justified.

“Tests like this are a vital part of the process of improving Overwatch,” said OW2 game director Aaron Keller. “We can’t wait to take everything we’ve learned from the beta and apply it to the game, and we’re so excited to get it back in front of you.”

In the meantime, Overwatch 1 is hosting a Remix Vol. 2 anniversary event through June 7. You can see the character skins here, but uh, it might feel weird going back!

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