Blizzard details how cross-progression will work with Overwatch 2

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How to make sure all those fancy skins transfer over

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Overwatch 2 is just a few months away. We’ve known that Overwatch 2 will have cross-progression for a while, and today Blizzard is explaining just how all of it will work.

Cross-progression means that all progression and in-game cosmetics in Overwatch 2 will span across different systems. While previously having, say, a fancy Tracer skin on PlayStation 4 didn’t mean you could access it on PC, the new system will merge and allow you to use the skin on both.

Starting today on August 16, players with a linked console account will be allowed to identify and confirm the accounts they want to merge. Once approved, the accounts will be prepared to merge on Overwatch 2‘s release. You’ll need a account no matter what, and all progress from the linked accounts will be stored on the account.

As Blizzard notes with red text and emphasis, there is just one opportunity to merge accounts. Make sure you check which accounts are being merged when you do so.

The Blizzard explainer goes into further detail, including addressing a few specific circumstances some players might run into during the merge process. All of this should serve to provide a central platform, similar to games like Fortnite, where cosmetics purchased in one place will be available on the others as well.

One giant closet of cosmetics

As Overwatch 2 moves the game from loot boxes to passes and a shop, having that access is a good thing. It’s doubly so, since Overwatch 2 will also be taking the place of Overwatch on its launch; like a massive title update for the multiplayer side. The single-player part of Overwatch 2, meanwhile, is expected to arrive sometime later on in the future.

Overwatch 2 will go live and free-to-play on October 4 for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

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