Overcooked 2 and Hell is Other Demons are free on the Epic Games Store right now

The Devourer boss in Hell is Other Demons

Co-op cooking chaos and a roguelite shooter

Oh hey, it’s your not-quite-weekly-because-I-keep-forgetting-about-it Epic Games Store free game reminder. This week, from June 17–24, 2021, you can get Overcooked 2 and the action-platformer shooter Hell is Other Demons. (Next week’s lot is pretty solid, too.)

I’m not sure I’ve encountered Hell is Other Demons even in passing, but it makes a strong first impression with its limited color palette and big beefy boss designs.

As for Overcooked 2, you know how I feel about this series and the impact it has had on chaotic pick-up-and-play co-op games in recent years — grab it if you need it. The free-to-keep Epic Games Store version is only the base PC game, not any of the expansions.

I feel like this has been rumored for a while — or else I truly have lost it — but next week, we’ll be able to claim Sonic Mania for free alongside Horizon Chase Turbo. That promo will run from June 24 to July 1. Still no Sonic Mania 2, huh? That’s a continual letdown.

One of these days, the Epic Store will need to start giving out free time. That’s what we really need.

(Yeah, I used Nintendo-uploaded trailers. They have way better thumbnails.)

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