Over 18 million consoles expected to ship this holiday

Happy Holidays are even happier with a new game system, right? Some of my best Christmases were the ones where I got a new game system. I remember one year that my dad did that dick thing where we thought we opened everything…and there was no Sega Genesis. I was sad. Then he said it was parents present time, and when he opened his first present it was the Genesis. I fell for that one.

If games make for a good holiday season, everyone’s going to be happy this holiday, it seems. The Consumer Electronics Association says that  18.24 million game systems ship to U.S. stores in the fourth quarter of 2010. That’s a lot of consoles under a lot of trees. That puts games ahead of TVs, MP3 players and digital cameras this year as far as retail shipments goes.

CEA says that game systems are the ninth most popular item on adults’ holiday wish lists, and the fifth most wished for electronics item. The data they’ve pulled from a survey says that consumers plan to spend an average of $232 this holiday on gaming gear. 

CEA Projects Over 18 Million Game Systems To Ship In Q4 2010 [Gamasutra]

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