Original Xbox One now selling for $279 with free extra controller

Time to clear them out

In with the new, out with the old – as they said. While actual hardware spec on the Xbox One S hasn’t fully revealed (beyond 40% smaller, internal power supply, yada yada)… there are inklings that the Xbox One S will be more powerful. We personally don’t think it’ll be any major leap forward, but we also wouldn’t be surprised if improved performance made it into the Xbox One S.

With that out of the way, Microsoft has given the retailers the A-OK to start a big o’ sale on the original Xbox One (that’s what we’re going to call it now in this deal post, at least). You can now pick up an Xbox One bundle for as little as $279.00 on the 500GB model – while the 1TB bundles are going as low as $299.00 (!). Extra bonus? You’ll also receive a free controller and of course the standard free Ubisoft game (whether you want one or not).

While most retailers are on-board with the discount, only a few such as Microsoft Store and Dell are giving out free controllers. We’ve picked the best deal for each respective bundle above. If you don’t care about the Xbox One S that’s coming out at the end of August (given those units will not have any games included), then this is the best Xbox One deal to date until they’re sold out (or goes out of production).

Microsoft Store

Best Buy

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