Ordering food through a Wii? Guess what country you will be able to do that in

In Japan, it seems that the Wii is replacing virtually everything else in the household. You can play games with it, you can read the news with it, you can browse the Internet with it, you can watch TV on it and very soon, you’ll even be able to order food with it.

The “Food Delivery Channel” is of course announced for Japan only, and will use the Demae-can.com ordering service so that Nintendo fans need not leave their little white waggle box to have pizza, sushi, curry, and plenty more international cuisine sent straight to their doorsteps.

As if that’s not enough, you can even surprise yourself with a randomizing option. Helpful for indecisive people, or those with food allergies who fancy playing Russian roulette with their digestive system. 

Pretty soon, the Wii will be able to wash your balls for you.

Jim Sterling