Order Xbox 360 DLC on your PC with Microsoft’s new service

Microsoft is looking to bridge the gap between computers and consoles even more with a new service that lets you use the Xbox Live Marketplace via your PC’s web browser.

The new service allows you to purchase content for your Xbox 360 from any browser, and then have the content downloaded instantly to the console, ready to use whenever you’re at the machine. One would assume this would require the 360 to be switched on and in sleep mode, because otherwise the whole system would take on a supernatural aspect, and I don’t think MS’ occult dealings are quite that far ahead yet.

In addition to customers “sending” downloads to their Xbox 360s remotely, content providers will also be able to virally promote their products online using iTunes-like URLs.

Microsoft has spoken in the past about how they want avatars to invade forum profiles and Facebook pages, and this new scheme all seems to be a part of Microsoft taking the Xbox brand name beyond the reaches of the physical system itself. They’re all very good ideas too that will help to integrate the 360 with the Internet at large. Still won’t make it popular in Japan though.

James Stephanie Sterling