Oops: An Austrian retailer leaked images of the new Xbox One controller

All but confirmed now

As if yesterday’s rumor that Microsoft is set to reveal an improved Xbox One controller in June wasn’t substantiated enough, we have an international retailer to help back everything up. Bless those international retailers; they inadvertently give us so much valuable information.

Austrian store Libro posted images (now taken down) of one model of the new controller, as reported by Eurogamer. It’s the Covert Forces design — the one with black and gray camouflage. However, it’s reasonable to imagine that if Microsoft’s updating this model, it’s probably updating all of them.

Still, it appears as if the only change to the controller is the new 3.5mm audio jack in lieu of the proprietary port that comes with the current ones. That alone is enough, as it eliminates the need for the pesky $25 adapter. We’ll likely find out about your new coffee table clutter in three weeks at E3.

Looks like Microsoft will launch a new Xbox One controller in June [Eurogamer]

Brett Makedonski
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