Only difference between Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is ‘marketing,’ says indie developer

Oculus can do room scale too

Many of you that are on the fence regarding VR are still kind of confused as to the differences between the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, besides the price differential. Well, according to the developer of Fantastic Contraption, there really isn’t one.

Speaking to Polygon, Andy Moore noted that “the hardware is almost identical,” “the software and APIs are almost identical,” and that “the only difference is marketing.” He goes on to say that Oculus VR is banking on the fact that people won’t want to do room scale VR with it (as is frequently touted as a big feature for the Vive), but the Oculus is perfect capable of it — “on the Oculus you can move one of the cameras to the back corner and get room scale,” he notes. There will be even more parity once Oculus launches its motion controllers later this year.

Of course, the Vive has the massive support of Steam behind it while Oculus VR is leaning on their proprietary Oculus Home storefront, but since many games are on both marketplaces, it’s basically a win-win no matter what device you pick up. For now, at least.

Rift with Touch controllers and HTC Vive ‘almost identical,’ says Fantastic Contraption dev [Polygon]

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