Online retailer quits, calls out game industry; waahmbulance dispatched

Some online retailer I’ve never heard of, DVD Empire, has come out and said they’re going to stop selling video games and they got a few reasons as to why. Take a look at their list of complaints. See something interesting there? Here are some big ones:

• The video game industry only cares about mass merchandisers like Toys-R-Us, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc. They completely ignore the needs and wants of the medium to small game retailers.
• You may not care whether or not we make money, but we cannot continue to pay to sell video games. It is impossible for us to make money selling video games.
• This one blows our minds; we are not big enough to return products. … So if we buy a bad title, we are stuck on an industry-induced money losing ride through the land of price drops. Of course, if the video game industry produced quality games, we wouldn’t have this issue.
• The final reason we killed our video games division is the industry does not let us provide the same level of service that we do with DVDs. We cannot continue to have our good name tarnished when we cannot control how we receive the product.

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